Fuck, politics

I’ve made no secret that I don’t particularly care about writing about politics.  But it’s gotten to a point where I can’t go anywhere, turn to any channel, open up a browser or look at Facebook without there being mention of politics.  I’m getting to the point where I don’t want to seek out the news and or look at social media, because I just know that all people are going to be reporting on or talking about is what’s going on in the political scene, and it’s going to again bring that surreal feeling that this is truly reality, and will be for the unforeseeable future.

At the time I’m writing this, I’m back in Virginia, visiting my parents, on what is admittedly not a leisure trip in the least.  That being said, I really could use some distractions from what’s going on in my life and my family, and hope that others out there are doing more positive things in theirs.  But nope, people are using social media to vent about their disdain towards all of the seemingly asinine thing that are happening at such a breakneck pace, and I’m asking myself if the headlines that I’m being exposed to are actually real.

But then I turn on a television or walk past a screen showing the news, and the same types of headlines are being broadcast to larger audiences outside of my Facebook feeds.  Healthcare being repealed.  Women’s rights to be seemingly reduced.  Christians to receive priority about all other foreigners seeking entry to America.  A fucking wall to divide the United States from Mexico.

Seriously, how are these headlines factual in the year two thousand and seventeen?

I look back at that paragraph and wondered about inserting “Extraterrestrials to be sought and hunted” and “Mutant registration act” in the list of outrageous headlines and ask which ones were the fake ones.  That’s just how amazingly absurd some of these things are, in my opinion.

I have a hard time (still) believing that this is the current state of the United States of America now.  Like, I’ve felt down on my country at times before, and felt that thing might not be headed in the right direction, but this is a whole new level of un-believability that’s going on, and I’m asking myself way more than any person really should, “is this reality?”

I mean, the sheer transparency of a legitimate maniac, actually being granted absolute power, and then wielding it like the lunatic he is, repealing this, abolishing that, lining this pocket, lining that pocket, pissing off this country, alienating that ally, etc., etc.  And then it makes me question the sanity of those I can’t believe are my own countrymen, my fellow Americans, for allowing this to happen, just because “they wanted change” or they didn’t want a woman to be the President, or for whatever convoluted reason.

Jimmy Carter made a speech in the 70s that basically said that the people did not feel that the next five years would be better than the present, and most of that was solely based on gas prices, and tensions with Cuba.  The people today not only have to worry about those same gas prices, but not only do we have to worry about the maniacal leader pissing off Mexico, China, North Korea and probably Russia, we have to worry about our own Americans who are more divided than ever, from ripping this country apart from the inside.

Getting off the plane and walking through Reagan National Airport was a little surreal.  After passing the Dunkin Donuts and the Qdoba, were numerous kiosks and souvenir stores selling almost nothing but Presidential paraphernalia; MAGA hats, shirts, shit with the mug of the Apprentice guy and his floppy toupee.  Gone were the National Spy Museum booth, the Smithsonian booth, and all the other little merchants selling things synonymous with Washington D.C.  Instead, everyone’s selling shitty shit to emboldened people who love the fact that it’s okay to belittle those that are different now.

And the ironic thing is that most of the people running these businesses were minorities.  I get that they’re in it to make money to try to pay the bills and such, but come on now, where is the line in the sand that divides necessity and integrity?

Whatever, though. I mean, the world already feels like it’s sunken into the shitter deeper than it’s ever gone before, what’s a few people selling their integrity in order to sell a morbid brand to make ends meet?

With all do respect to Jimmy Carter, he only had to worry about the next five years.  I’d say the present only has to worry about the next four, but let’s be real here; the same idiots who voted in 2016 will likely still be around in 2020, so I’d be pleasantly surprised if we get some change then, but I frankly wouldn’t bet on it.  So seven years and ten months left to go before, someone who legitimately could not possibly be worse, can lead the country next, to what will probably be the greatest layup of a presidency in history.

But until then, I hope it’s not going to be depressing every single day, as it’s certainly felt since mein fuhrer has begun his assault on the country.

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