I find this offensive

Who is the ultimate Warrior?  Between Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant?

How about fucking neither?? 

How about having some god damn respect for the most polarizing man in the history of the professional wrestling, and not comparing him to an industry full of bitches and is somehow more fake?

Look, I get that ESPN is all buddy-buddy with the WWE these days, and I know Stephen A. Shit is pretty much the worst talks-about-sports guy in history, but jesus christ it’s never a low they’ll sink to in order to have a clever quip or graphic to put onto screen.

Neither is an ultimate warrior, but if you had to answer who was the best between the two, the answer is obviously Stephen Curry.  The guy won without Durant, and then Durant being the lazy gravy-training leech, jumped ship from a great team onto the best team, hoping to coast his way to his own ring.  I mean, never in my life did I ever think that anyone would be clawing to join the Golden State Warriors, but I’ve also seen the Cubs win the World Series too.

Durant might be a freak of nature, but Stephen Curry is the guy that has the potential to be an all-time great, while Durant’s ceiling will never be any higher than that second-tier crowded to the gills of excellent players with no heart, killer instinct or the drive to be the greatest.

Is Stephen Curry an ultimate Warrior?  Absolutely not, there will always be one, in spite of all the lols had about there being a temple full of them.  But is Stephen Curry the best Warrior ever?  Debatable.  I’d say no, and give such a title to Chris Mullin, because it takes a true great to be the face of a franchise that was literally the worst and most forgotten team in the NBA for the better part of nearly two decades.  Plus, he had that awesome crew-cut that made him look right out of Hoosiers, and that sweet left-handed shot, and he was on the original Dream Team.  Now that’s greatness.

Anyways, fuck ESPN for even using the name of the Ultimate Warrior, much less on a shitty program featuring Stephen A. Shit.  The graphic is not cute, the line is not clever, and the answer to the query is more obvious than even needing to be asked.


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