Now that’s what I’m talking about

Complain about there being nothing noteworthy to write about, and the world shall provide – a truck carrying 40,000 lbs. of chicken manure tips over on busy Atlanta highway

Yes, a truck full of literal chicken shit has spilled onto the highway, and that’s apparently far more interesting to me than the usual dregs of well-beaten topics in the news otherwise.

No, this does not get added to the highway buffet of things spilled onto Georgia highways, because what kind of sick fuck would remotely consider eating the dung of chickens?  For the matter, why does chicken shit require the necessity to be transported in the first place?  Shouldn’t the farms or plants in which the chickens are producing it have some way to dispose of it?

Is it like bats, where if there’s so much shit present at once it can essentially become toxic?

Chickens are not large animals by any stretch of the imagination and the amount of poo they expel in any one time really isn’t that much; so just how long and how many chickens are necessary to where a truckload of 40,000 lbs. can be filled??

And how is it disposed of?  Is it incinerated?  Buried? 

Google says chicken manure is among the best composts to use in agriculture, I suppose that’s the most logical reason why a 40,000 lb. truck full of chicken shit is traversing down the highways in the first place.

All these questions, and not nearly enough answers.

Whatever though, it’s been a minute since overturned truck on Georgia roads was last reported and shut down the highways, and even if is a truck full of shit, I’ll take it just to be entertained by the ironic misfortune of others. 

Talk about shitty way for lots of people to be starting their commutes today.

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