lol good riddance

In short: SunTrust Park begins removing all traces of SunTrust identity on account of merger with BB&T and the re-naming of the company

I know that at the root of it, ScumTrust is not truly dead, but still in existence under a different name, merged with another company, but damn does it feel nice to know that the logo that I was so familiar with during my tenure and eventual layoff with ScumTrust is being wiped from existence.  Especially from the ballpark, of my preferred team, that I was so diametrically opposed to from the onset, for a variety of reasons, including the fact that they were named “ScumTrust Park.”

Despite the fact that ScumTrust isn’t truly dead, the fact that they’ve completely lost their identity and headquarters, ScumTrust is pretty much dead.  In short time, few people will remember the ScumTrust identity, and only the corporate stooges who have to take an orientation class will actually ever hear of the name ScumTrust in the future.  Even shorter will be the time it takes before cranky customers bitch about how shitty of a bank Truist is, and then it’s only a matter of time before Bank of America or Wells Fargo consumes them too.

I think my favorite part about the whole saga is that it wasn’t that long ago in 2014 in which ScumTrust signed a 25-year contract to the naming rights of the ballpark that would soon become ScumTrust Park.  Six years, in a 25-year contract, and although the terms of the contract have not been necessarily severed, the fact that ScumTrust’s name is coming off of the entire property might as well be the same thing as the whole contract being dead in the water.

ScumTrust didn’t sign that contract necessarily knowing that they weren’t going to be the name on the by the time 2039 rolled around; no, they signed the deal hoping that not only would they become an iconic ballpark like Fenway Park or Wrigley Field; but instead, they’ve been relegated to the single-serving naming that’s more akin with the herky-jerky fly-by-night naming of a minor league park, by Joe Schmoe’s HVAC company that happened to have the most amount of money to burn in order to get some advertising space.

Needless to say, I think I’ll feel more at ease going to baseball games in the future, especially now that the ScumTrust name won’t be anywhere in the park by the time the park is open for business again.  Inevitably, I knew I’d end up going to a game or two, in spite of my insistence that I wouldn’t, because of the name.  I did end up going to two total games since they’ve been open, but I didn’t pay for tickets each time, so ironically, I successfully kept my word in that I wasn’t going to pay to go to a single game as long as the ScumTrust name were on the building.

Afterall, once my kid shows up, it’ll be mandatory that I get my photos of my baby at her very first ballgame.  It’ll be that much sweeter knowing that it’ll be at a place not having ScumTrust’s name on it anywhere.

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