Oh Georgia, #894

Irony: Gwinnett County church’s sign vandalized; for having a discriminatory message on it

I guess the old adage of “two wrongs don’t make a right” can’t really apply when it’s likely that neither party believes they’re wrong.

But it’s amusing to me that a church is butthurt over their sign getting slathered in black paint because someone(s) who disagreed with an inflammatory message got butthurt.  Really though, it’s about as not smart to publicly put in writing shit like “Satan made gays & transgender(s)” as it is to vandalize private property.

What’s ironic is the unintentional side taken by the law, because of the whole Crime Stoppers offering up to $2,000 for arrest-able information.  All because someone who vehemently disagreed with the offensive message that Satan created LGBT people decided to act out in a noticeable, yet not necessarily destructive manner.

I mean, it’s not wrong that the law wants to catch a vandal, but given the context of the situation, more levelheaded law enforcement can probably understand why someone would have vandalized this sign.  But it does kind of inadvertently look poor that someone who was trying to blackout a hateful message is kind of being vilified here.  All while the church is allowed to post messages that can easily be construed as offensive and inflammatory, under first amendment rights and the umbrella of religion.

Can either party really be surprised at this end result?  Church gets mad at vandal because they’re mad at the gays and transgendered, vandal is mad at such a message of discrimination being posted publicly and is now basically a wanted petty crook?

As is often the case in situations like this, everyone involved is a loser.

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