Okay, people who like Cards Against Humanity are dumb

Initially, I was going to title this post “Okay, Cards Against Humanity is dumb,” but when I think about the impetus to this post, it’s not so much that CAH is dumb, but the people who are enamored with the game that are dumb.

Don’t get me wrong, I think CAH is pretty dumb in itself, what with its minimalistic design of white Arial bold on black on everything that symbolizes a dagger into creativity, and the fact that it’s a game that’s basically the equivalent of being crass and vulgar because being crass and vulgar is supposedly cool.  But CAH wouldn’t be the game so well known if not for the hordes of fans who love the game and are so willing to blow their money on cards with text on them, or in some cases, nothing at all, that are the party that should be subject to more criticism.

I mean I can’t hate on CAH for making money, that’s what they’re in business for.  But I can’t get over the fact that there really are that many people who are so dumb and careless with their own money that they’d willingly forfeit it to a company that flamboyantly expresses their intent to do absolutely nothing of any worth with it.

Of course there’s some degree of “u jelly” involved in this, because I would love it if random people gave me $70,000 at five dollars at a time, for absolutely nothing.  But it blows my mind sometimes when I think that CAH said “we’re going to dig a giant hole in the ground, give us money to keep the equipment moving” and then people literally paid over $100,000 to keep the machinery moving.

This is actually worse than when people paid some douchebag like $50,000 because he wanted to make a potato salad, because at least there was an objective, a goal in mind for that lame endeavor.  CAH literally had no end game or true objective with the hole they dug; and pretty much stated that there would not be.  And people still decided that it was funny, and sent them $100,000 for absolutely nothing gained.

$100,000 is some legit life-changing money for most middle-to-lower class people.  $100,000 would pretty much pay off the remainder of my mortgage, and put me into a situation where I could legit change my life, hopefully for the better.  $100,000 could probably make a substantial difference to the lives of lots of people, even broken out into smaller segments and shared with multiple people.

Sure, it’s kind of the basis of a pyramid scheme, but if a ton of people crowdsourced $70,000-100,000 for other people, or even charitable causes, it would make a who lot more of a difference as opposed to literally giving it away for nothing like they’re doing for CAH.

Who knows if the CAH are trying to prove some sort of senseless point or if they’re really just sadistic and like the idea of testing how dumb people can be, but they certainly are succeeding at proving just how brainless and how big of followers people have the capability of being.  $170,000 over the last two years for zero point is an absurd amount of money, and I’d really hope that one of these days, CAH actually does something worthwhile with that kind of scratch.  I wouldn’t hold my breath, but we can all have hopes.

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