I want to eat my shaving cream

I swear, this Edge brand shaving cream smells just like thin mints. And I swear to god, while shaving, the aroma it gives off just underneath my nostrils makes me want to do nothing more than consume an entire tube of thin mint cookies. It’s baffling just how delicious this stuff smells. I look forward to shaving due to the aromatic pleasure it provides.

I’d be lying if I wasn’t pushed to the point where I had to dip the tip of my tongue into a tiny smudge of this stuff. And to no surprise, it doesn’t taste anything close to a thin mint.

Regardless, after I polish off the remaining thin mints I have left, I need to get my ass to a Kroger or something where they’ll have some girl scout cookies for sale, and buy like fifty boxes of thin mints. And Samoas.

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