This would amuse me greatly

It all started with a story about a baseball commentator who used the word “sissy” on the air, when a baseball player didn’t steal a base when the situation was pretty much begging him to do such. Innocent enough, perhaps a little too opinionated for a baseball broadcast, but “sissy” is an age-old innocuous jab that still gets the point across to a PG audience.

Or so we thought.

The LGBT comes marching on in, with their metaphorical torches and pitch forks, calling for this commentator’s head because he used the term “sissy,” and according to their manifesto of bullshit, it’s apparently a derogatory term used to describe “them.”  I didn’t realize lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgendered people were all one and the same.

Long story short, the commentator had to publicly apologize for doing his job, despite probably not meaning it, which is completely fine with me, mostly to get the LGBT to get off his back and STFU.  All because he said the word “sissy.”

I want my fucking English language back.  “Homo,” “faggot,” “queer,” are derogatory terms to describe L’s, G’s, B’s, and T’s.  To some degree, “fruit,” and “fairy” are too.  But “sissy?”  Get the fuck over yourselves.  I like this little allegiance that the LGBT is, practically implying that they’re all one and the same, and ganging up on the rest of the world’s innocuous incidents.

I’d love to see some turmoil boil over amongst themselves, because I know it exists, but for the sake of their harmonious façade, it’s rarely ever public.  But seriously, I’d like to ask the following questions (and I want them answered immediately):

  • LGBT, why does “L” come first?  I know it’s polite to put ladies first, but so often is the case, lesbians are far more masculine in contrast to very effeminate homosexual men.  Wouldn’t it be more appropriate to be GLBT in that case?
  • For the matter, why does L even have to be differentiated?  Doesn’t lesbian fall under the umbrella of being gay?  Why do gay females have their own term to describe them, while gay men don’t get their own term?  What’s up with that?
  • Why are bisexuals even included in this allegiance?  The simple fact that they have an inkling at all for the opposite sex alone should make them repulsed by the gay community in the first place.  So often times, bisexuals are indecisive bullshitters who can’t make up their mind in the first place anyway, so why should they even be included?  It’s far easier for them to integrate into society than their LGT counterparts.
  • Why do transgendered come last?  If anything, they’re probably the worst discriminated amongst this alliance in the first place, why not put them up front?  It’s not like the rest of the discriminative world is in any rush to hold the door open from them, why not in their own freedom fighter alliance?

I’m just saying, I would love to see some internal turmoil out in the open, because I know how full of shit, and hypocritically judgmentally bigoted gay people can be too.  In the end, we’re all humans, and we have the same flaws and insecurities, no matter how hard we try to differentiate.  I used to work with a flamboyant gay man who was once griping to me about how much he hated that Atlanta had a black gay pride weekend on top of the annual (everybody) gay pride weekend.  All I said to him was that this conversation was interesting, and let’s take the word “gay” out of this equation and look at it objectively.  He was quiet after that.

I just want my English language back.  Stop making illegal, innocent words from my vernacular, because somewhere out in the world a member of the TG alliance was having a bad day and decided that they didn’t like the way something sounded, and then I’ll stop looking at the LGBT like they’re a bunch of hypocritical martyrs.

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