Yes please

Atlanta parents face a $1,000 fine and up to 60 days in jail when their students skip school under a 2009 ordinance city officials say they now plan to enforce.

Long story short: Parents, be responsible, and be aware of where your kids are, and if they’re skipping school, YOU’RE the one who’s going to be at fault.  So do what you got to do to make sure yo’ kids don’t WANT to skip school.  If you know what I’m sayin’.

Parents are the de facto lords of their children, and have the obligation to pass on acceptable behavior and raise their children to be capable citizens of the world.  Far too long has the degradation of society been stemmed back to shit parenting, by parents who are degenerates in their own right, or are people who are simply just shitty parents and have no idea how to be a parent, let alone a role model, or example setter.  Kids today that are pieces of shit typically have parents who are pieces of shit, it really is that simple.  Good parents don’t let their children become pieces of shit, without an earnest effort.

Since schools and other people should never be solely responsible for the shaping of children, a moderate amount of force should be applied to ensure that those who are the penultimate influences in a child’s life, does their duties as parents.  Obviously, it’s easy for me to say, since I’m not even thirty, and have no children, but regardless, I love the idea that parents should be punished for their children’s delinquent behavior.  Kids skip school – lock up a parent.  Hopefully the ass-whooping the kid is entitled to when the parent is sprung for putting them in the clank in the first place will make them think twice about skipping school in the future.  Or maybe the kid will feel remorse at the suffering the parent has to endure for their own bullshit, and that’s before the ass-whooping, and hopefully afterward.  Parents that discipline smart typically have better control over their offspring.

But as much as I’m in love with this idea, it would never happen:

under a 2009 ordinance city officials say they now plan to enforce.

The ordinance has been active since 2009, and there are STILL way too many people out and about on a daily basis regularly.  If this ordinance were actually enforced, I’d imagine probably 80% of Atlanta would be wrapped up in court or in jail on a regular basis, because I’m led to believe that that’s literally how many shitty parents exist in this city, and well, the rest of the planet as well.

As a whole, it’ll never happen, because those in power would abuse the system and keep their own rotten children from putting them in jail for their douchebaggery, and frankly Atlanta doesn’t have a facility the size of Arkham Asylum to house the legions of shitty parents that probably reside in this city alone.

But just once, I would love see a cop car pull up to one of the houses in my neighborhood, and haul away a deadbeat parent, because their fuckup of a child did something like skip school.  And then 24-48 hours later, the parent is set back free into their home, where there would emerge sounds of crashing, impact, whipping and a whole lot of screaming from a child being set straight by someone who neglected to get it done sooner.

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